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Why became an Expert?

We handle everything for you! The payments and subscriptions, the results of your predictions, and even your overall statistics and ROI. This way, you just need to focus on growing your community. How awesome is that?

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Regardless of your location and your favorite leagues, with TipWizer it's easy and safe to manage your entire community. With TipWizer you control your subscriptions,  prices, results and interaction with your followers.

Become an Expert in just 3 Steps

Register on Application
Download the app and register on TipWizer. After that you just need to apply for Become an Expert on the App (Middle button on the home menu)
Publish Good Predicts
Publish good predicts and for sure users will notice you. The more correct predicts you make, the more likely the users will follow you!
Get Paid
In case you choose to make your subscription paid, whenever a user subscribes to you, we can send your money via Paypal, direct deposit or other available methods.

We handle everything for you

We know that your Predictions are your premium information. TipWizer allows you to choose the value of your monthly subscription, and only the users that pay their subscription will have access to your predicts. Yet, we are here for every need that you have and in the case you have some problem we are here to help you solve it!
  • Choose the subscription value you want
  • Get paid for every users that subscribes you
  • Only users that pay will see your predictions
  • Withdraw your money every time you want
  • Your performance and statistics are always updated
  • We give you the visibility you deserve

Frequently asked questions

Post your Tips and Predictions in order to grow your follower's community! Through interactive interfaces, you can submit your sports predictions in seconds, for all your followers!
It's very flexible. You only invest the time and effort you want, but keep in mind that the more active you are, the more you will be recognized on the Tipwizer community.
It's totally up to you. You define your own subscription price. Remember: as much followers you have, the more you will earn!
With Tipwizer you may set your pricing anywhere from €5 - €995. You are the one who decides how much your analyses and predictions are worth!
It's free to join TipWizer and become an Expert. There is no costs or fees to list your tips! You keep around 90% of each user subscription.
We can send your money via Paypal, direct deposit or other available methods. The subscriptions amounts will be available on your wallet, through the Mobile Application.

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